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The Biobrio 6(1 & 2), 2019

Prospects and Challenges, Water Supply in Urban Jharkhand: A Review

Ajay Kumar Choudhary and Jyoti Choudhary


Increasing population and climatic variation driven by climate change has led to water scarcity across india. As cited in United Nations Environmental programme 2002, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity about two-third of the population, mainly in India will face moderately to high water stress and half of the population will face problem due to water scarcity. Ongoing mismanagement of resources and wasteful behaviour in India has led to the overexploitation of water resources, particularly groundwater. A large part of India fall under the category of physical water scarcity where availability of natural water resources is not enough to ensure the future water needs hence they need to increase their efficiency of water use and wisely maintain their available water resources. The concentration of water related problems will be more in urban settlements where quantity of available water reducing day by day. The potable water as a commodity is highly delicate and vulnerable to pollution and contamination. As such it has to be handled with a high degree of care. This paper focuses on issues and challenges associated with urban water requirements and suggest pragmatic solutions and policy measures to ensure clean, continual and convenient access to drinking water supply to all the residents of urban settlements.

Keywords:    Potable water, Water stress, urban settlement, pragmatic solution

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