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The Biobrio 7(1 & 2), 2020

The Effect of Soil Organisms and Macro-Invertebrates In Physical and Chemical Conditions of Soil

Kumari Beauty, Shambhu Nath Mishra, Vijender P. Panwar, Sanjeev Kumar, Satish Kumar and Rakesh Kumar


The living ecosystem soils full with microscopic and bigger organisms that perform many dynamic functions including converting dead and decaying organic matter as well as minerals to plant nutrients. Different soil organisms feed on different organic substrates. Their biological activity depends on the organic matter supply. Nutrient exchanges amongst organic matter, waterand air are essential to soil fertility and need to be continued for sustainable production. The soil is exploited for crop production without keeping the organic matter and nutrient contents, the nutrient cycles are broken, soil fertility declines and the balance in the agro-ecosystem is destroyed. Soil organic matter - the product of on-site biological decomposition - affects the chemical and physical properties of the soil and its overall health. Soil ecosystem supports a complex of animal communities of which soil arthropods were of prime importance since they constitute the major component of soil mesofauna in all types of soils.

Keywords:    Soil fauna, Soil acarines, Collembola, Soil ecology, Soil fertility

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