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The Biobrio 7(3 & 4), 2020

Cell death assessment in Oxalis corniculata Linn. under Aluminium (Al) stress supplemented with Silicon (Si)

Shweta Kumari and Jyoti Kumar


Oxalis corniculata Linn is one of the known useful medicinal plant commonly known as yellow wood sorrel
which has been used since ages for the treatment of various ailments and also used as a food at the time of
scarcity. Under acidic condition, Aluminium(Al) toxicity is one of the potential growth-limiting factor for plants
among the abiotic factors. Silicon (Si) is one of the most prevalent macroelements found in soil, can improve the
condition of soils. In the present study experiments were conducted for cell death assessment in Oxalis
corniculata Linn. The experimental setup was completely randomized with three treatments (0, 1.6 mmol/L Al,
and 1.6 mmol/L Al + 2.0 mmol/L Si; being described as the control, Al toxicity and Al toxicity + Si, respectively).
Treatments were given for two time intervals – 2hrs and 4hrs. The loss of cell viability or cell death was
evaluated using Evan's blue staining method. The result showed plants that were aluminium stressed showed
higher cell death as compared to control when the treatments were given for 2hrs and 4hrs on the other hand Si
application results in lesser cell death for both the treatments (2hrs and 4hrs) as compared to aluminium
stressed plants.

Keywords:    Oxalis corniculata Linn., Aluminum toxicity, Silicon, Evans blue, Cell death.

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