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The Biobrio 7(3 & 4), 2020

Preparation of Biofertilizer by using Plant Endophytes

Aafrin Naaz Ansari and Jyoti Kumar


Bio-fertilizer contains microorganisms which promotes the adequate supply of nutrients to the host plants and
ensure their proper development of growth and regulation in their physiology. Living microorganisms are used
in the preparation of biofertilizers. Only those microorganisms are used which have specific functions to
enhance plant growth and reproduction. There are different types of microorganisms which are used in the biofertilizers.
Bio-fertilizers offer great potential for not only improving soil fertility but also provide for efficient
use of various resources for increasing crop production on sustainable basis. They helps in maintaining long
term soil fertility and sustainability by fixing atmospheric N2, mobilizing fixed macro and micro nutrients or
convert insoluble P in the soil into forms available to plants, there by increases their efficiency and availability.

Keywords:    Biofertilizer, endophytes , nitrogen fixing bacteria.

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