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The Biobrio 7(3 & 4), 2020

An Exploration of Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) in the Indian Ocean: A Review

Vinod K Yadava, Radha Krishna Jha, Jyoti Kumar, S Pandey & P Kaushik


Albacore (Thunnus alalunga), also known as the longfin tuna fish, is a member of order Perciformes. It is
extensively distributed in the temperate and tropical waters across the world. Morphologically, albacore
comprises an elongated body, large eye, along with unusually lengthy pectoral fins. Reproduction generally
occurs about from November to February additionally it is oviparous. An adult female can accouche around
two million eggs in one cycle. Afterwards, the nymphs usually continue to be near they initially spawned for
multiple times before going to additional locations. The albacore is an economically essential fish, and it is an
objective of recreational and commercial fisheries. Nevertheless, there is, no comprehensive analysis which
assesses many phases of the species' albacore life history. This review compiles the critical information
available regarding the albacore in the Indian ocean by covering the crucial aspect of this fish.

Keywords:    Albacore, Habitat, Life cycle, Population structure, Spawning

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