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The Biobrio 9(1 & 2), 2022

Effect of Mycorrhiza Formulation, Trichoderma viride and Bio N, P, K on Melia dubia seedling growth in nursery

Aditya Kumar, Subhash Prasad and Ashish Kumar


Melia dubia is one of the fastest growing, multipurpose, deciduous tree species, found naturally
in India. It is being extensively planted under agroforestry systems and used by the plywood
industries, toy industries, making light furniture, packing cases etc. Mycorrhiza, bio-N, P, K,
Trichoderma and bio-pesticides played significant role in the nursery development of tree
species. A healthy seedling is pre-requisite for a productive and healthy plantation. Therefore,
in the present study the effect of bio-products viz. Mycozone tablet, Mycozone powder, Monitor,
Biofield combo and Metasoft were studied on melia seedlings and found positive and significant
effect on seedling growth. The study revealed that application of one Mycozone tablet/plant
or 100gm/acre mycozone powder increased seedling growth significantly. 250 gm/acre monitor
(Trichoderma viride) increased plant growth significantly (plant height 35.12 percent, collar
diameter 50.93 percent and volume index 78.65 percent) over the control and prevented soil
born pathogens.

Keywords:    Melia dubia, Mycorrhiza, Trichoderma, Bio- N, P, K, Seedling growth

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