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The Biobrio 2(3 & 4), 2015

Antibacterial activity of crude extracts of different parts of Euphorbia hirta L. using different solvents against gram – negative bacteria - Escherichia coli

Indu Kumari and R.K. Pandey


Crude extracts obtained from the aerial parts- leaves, buds and stems of Euphorbia hirta L. using different solvents (Methanol , Ethanol, Dimethyl sulfoxide and Aqueous) were used to test antibacterial activity against disease causing gram negative bacteria - Escherichia coli . The susceptibility of the test bacteria varies with the type of solvent of same plant parts used. Among treatments, maximum in vitro inhibition of tested bacteria E. coli was scored in methanol extracts of leaf of E. hirta which offered Zone of inhibition of 25 mm and Zone of Inhibition Area of 686.88 mm² .The potentiality of the plant parts against the test bacteria as evaluated by Diameter of Zone of Inhibition (DIZ) and Zone of inhibition Area (ZIA) indicated the presence of more active compounds in extracts. Methanol, dimethyl sulfoxide and aqueous extracts were found to be more active, whereas, ethanol possessed moderate effect on the test bacteria.

Keywords:    Antibacterial activity, solvents, crude extract, Euphorbia hirta L., Escherichia coli.

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