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The Biobrio 2(3 & 4), 2015

Effect of Shift Work Induced Sleep Deprivation on Diabetes & Kidney Problems

G C Baskey and S Ghosh


Cross sectional survey using Modified Global Sleep Assessment Questionnaire (MGSAQ) of general and night shift worker populations of Jharkhand revealed a direct correlation between night shift work and sleep loss related physiological disorders like diabetes and kidney problems. Insomnia and RSBD were reported five-fold and two-fold increased respectively in shift worker if compared to general population Prevalence of diabetes in shift workers was two-fold higher and the kidney problems which were almost absent in general population was ten-fold elevated. Thus shift work induced sleep deprivation may initiate problems in glucose homeostasis as well as kidney problems through internal stress to physiology.

Keywords:    Shift Work, Sleep Deprivation, Diabetes

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