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The Biobrio 2(3 & 4), 2015

Anti-Carcinogenic Aquatic Weeds: A Review

Hemkant Jha and Bijay S Singh


Aquatic weeds have been regarded as the most troublesome, pernicious and challenging environmental threat and generally termed as economic drain. Despite of so many negative roles, there are a number of aquatic flora containing anti-carcinogenic properties, which may be used in different or specific types of cancer. However it is clear thet no detailed study of these weed floras has been done to know the individual appliaction of plants or in mixture of plants in treatment of cancer. The present work includes compilation and documantation of aquatic weeds of Santhal Pargana division of Jharkhand State which are anti-carcinogenic in nature. It has also been an urgent need to start projects to protect these plants from being endangered and extinct, and also to find out other economic and physiological benefits of these plants.

Keywords:    Anti-carcinogenic, Aquatic weeds, Cancer, Santhal Pargana

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