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The Biobrio 3(1 & 2), 2016

Diel Cycle of Some Abiotic Factors in Rainy Season of Talla Pond, Sukhjora, Ranishwar, Dumka Jharkhand

Prashant Patar and Monika Patralekh


Fluctuation in different abiotic and biotic factors of aquatic ecosystems at different hours of the day irrespective of day and night is known as “diel cycle”. “Diel cycle refers to the events that recur at 24 hours intervals or less, irrespective of day and night. Diurnal studies of water bodies give an idea about succesional changes in the physico-chemical parameters as well as biological spectrum of the water reservoir at different hours of the day. Diel cycle of some abiotic factors of Talla pond, Sukhjora, Raniswar, Dumka, Jharkhand was assessed during rainy o season in the year 2012-2013. Maximum air temperature was found to be 33.2 C at 3.00pm o and minimum 26.5 C at 3.00 am in monsoon. Water temperature of pond fluctuated in o o between 29.5 C at 3.00am to 35.4 C at 3.00pm. pH ranged between 6.00 to 6.8. Lowest dissolved oxygen (DO ) 0.4 ppm was recorded at 3.00am and highest 3.6 ppm at 3.00pm. 2 Minimum amount 14.00 ppm of free carbon dioxide (FCO ) was analysed at 11.00 am and 2 maximum 27.2 ppm at 3.00 am. Carbonate (CO ) alkalinity remained completely absent 3 throughout the entire period of diurnal study. Bicarbonate (HCO ) varied from 86.00 ppm at 3 7.00 am to 93.2 ppm at 11.00 am.

Keywords:    Diel cycle, abiotic, biotic, physico-chemical, parameters , biological spectrum, successional changes

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