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The Biobrio 3(3 & 4), 2016

Physico-chemical Analysis of Water of Railway Colony Area Pond, Chakradharpur, Near Waste Accumulated Area

Debabrata Mahapatra and Sanjeev Kr. Sinha


Waste is a refuse of the daily house hold activities beside other activities. The huge accumulation of waste in unscientific way causes a lot of problems. It gives bad smell, provide breeding place for mosquitoes and germs. The leachate from the waste dump deteriorates the underground water quality too. In the present communication physico-chemical analysis of water of railway colony area pond, chakradharpur, near waste accumulated area has been analysed. The same is the part of Ph.D. work to access the impact of waste dump to water of Chaibasa and chakradhrpur of West singhbhum, Jharkhand.

Keywords:    MSW, physico-chemical analysis, Chakradharpur

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