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The Biobrio 3(3 & 4), 2016

Diversity of Osicillatoria in roadside ponds of Bighapur Unnao District

Hemant Kumar and Jitendra Mohan


Oscillatoria is one of the most important members of class myxophyuae. The distribution of Oscillatoria is cosmopolitan entire globe in all habitats. Present study deals diversity of Oscillatoria in road side ponds of Bighapur, Unnao during a season at 11 different localities. A total of 12 species of this blue green algae are reported, out of these the dominant species are Oscillatoria amoena, Oscillatoria amphigranulata, Oscillatoria chloeine, Oscillatoria formosa, Oscillatoria irrigua, Oscillatoria tenuis etc.

Keywords:    Cyanobacteria, Oscillatoria, Blue-green Algae, Myxophyceae

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