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The Biobrio 4(1 & 2), 2017

Ethno-Botanical Assessment of The Prevailing Phytodiversity in Dumka District

Sutanu Lal Bondya and Anuradha Das


Dumka districtof the Jharkhandstate, is the abode of mainly two tribal communities i.e. the Santals and the Paharias, including a few other communities like Mahalis, Bhumij, Oraons, Karmalis, Kumhars, etc. These tribes belong to Proto-Australoids or Austro-Asiatic language family. They are well acquainted to their surrounding phyto-diversity.They have learnt to utilize every possible forest products to meet their daily requirements.Thus,unknowingly and gradually, they have converted these advantageous taxa into invaluable bio-resources.But slowly, due to numerous factors like, habitat loss, deforestations, modernization etc. this traditional knowledge is losing ground along with these communities. Hence, there is an urgent need of safeguardingboth these communities & their precious knowledge. The present paper highlightsan ethno-botanical assessment of a total of fifty-eight (58) genera and sixty (60) invaluable plants species belonging to thirty-one (31) families. These are documented under 12 different categoriesbased on the folklore claims of these people for their sustenance. It will also pave the path of further researches and sustainable development of these communities and the concerned bio-resources.

Keywords:    Indigenous communities, traditional knowledge, ethno-botanical assessment

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