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The Biobrio 4(1 & 2), 2017

Ethnobotanical Studies of Few Under-utilized Plants of Sheohar Distric, Bihar

Namita Priyadarshani and S.P.Yadav


There are numerous plants having rich etbnobotanical & medicinal values present in Sheohar district located in northern part of Bihar, are under-utilized due to lack of adequate information and proper investigation. In this paper an endeavor has been made to study the ethnobotanical significance and classification of four underrated plants. LINACEAE (Common name Tisi), VITACEAE (Common name Harjora), COMBRETACEAE (Common name Maltilata) and MOLLUGINACEAE (Common name Dhupia) are having rich ethnobotanical and medicinal values. Various parts of these plants are being used to cure many ailments by the locals.

Keywords:    Vitaceae, Combretaceae, Linaceae, Molluginaceae

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