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The Biobrio 3(3 & 4), 2016

A report of the impact of some ecological factors on the diversity of Creatonotus transiens Walker Lepidoptera Noctuidae at Ranchi, Jharkhand

Anand Kumar Thakur


Moths Lepidoptera Heteroceran are one of the largest group of horticulture and agroforestry pests. They are also important part of the food chain. Present study was conducted at two sites in Ranchi during the. Total 291 individuals of Creatonotus transiens Walker were collected by using light traps and net traps fortnightly during the study period year 2010 to 2013. Diversity index was calculated by Shannon-Weiner method. While of Correlation Karl Pearsons Coefficient between the diversity of moth and some ecological factors Mean temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, sunlight and rain was computed by the help of SPSS software version 11.0. Creatonotus transiens Walker Lepidoptera: Noctuidae belongs to family Erabidae was the one of the most common noctuid moths at the study area. The results establish the positive correlation with temperature and negative correlation with sunlight. The effect of wind speed, relative humidity and rain could not be established by the statistical method. The Shannon-Weiner diversity index indicates weak appearance of the moth in study area.

Keywords:    Heteroceran Lepidoptera, Ranchi, Shannon-Weiner, Correlation, Light trap, Creatonotus transiens Walker

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