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The Biobrio 4(3 & 4), 2017

Physico - Chemical Analysis of water in and around IISCO Mining area of Kiriburu

Anjali Dutta, Abhijit Dutta and Prasanjit Mukherjee


The present paper deals with qualitative analysis of water during 1997 – 1999 in Kiriburu mining area, located in Chaibasa district of Jharkhand, to assess actual and potential changes in water quality of ground as well as surface water due to mining activities. Water is one of the most important natural resources and availability of safe drinking water is necessary both for aquatic and terrestrial habitat. But due to irregular and unsafe mining activities, ground as well as surface water gets contaminated by adding heavy metals and harmful chemicals. The holistic approach of this work includes all the aspects of physico-chemical analysis using standard methods and analysis of different kinds of minerals, salts and contaminants.

Keywords:    Physico-chemical, qualitative, contaminants, water, Kiriburu

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