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The Biobrio 5(1 & 2), 2018

Estimation of some abiotic parameters in water of Shivganga pond, Deoghar, Jharkhand

Monika Patralekh


Physico-chemical features are the abiotic parameters to assess the quality of water. Water is the most important ingredient of our life .Natural sweet water i.e. freshwater available in ponds, lakes, rivers, springs, streams and underground water are important sources of freshwater .Pond is the most common source of water for rural and urban public .Scientifically pond is a freshwater, lentic ,aquatic ecosystem. Shivganga is a large perennial pond of Baidyanathdahm Deoghar ,Jharkhand, India which is widely used by lacks of pilgrims and local inhabitants for bathing, washing, cooking, drinking, swimming, fishing and immersion of mud made painted idols and images of Gods and Goddesses throughout the whole year. Some abiotic parameters were assessed during winter months of shivganga pond and got valuable results.

Keywords:    Abiotic parameters, Water, Shivganga pond, Deoghar, Jharkhand

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