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The Biobrio 5(1 & 2), 2018

Traditional Phytoremediation against Snake bite and Scorpion sting practiced by Santals of Dumka District Santal Pargana, Jharkhand

Prabhawati Bodra


Dumka district is dominated by Santals, the largest numbered tribe of Jharkhand. They are mostly forest dwellers or live in the near vicinity of the forest. Frequenting the forest is their daily routine of life. In the process they came across the casualties of wild life like scorpion sting insect crawl, allergies caused by spiders and other poisonous insects but they know how to treat themselves with phytoremediation, a traditional knowledge inherited by them from their fore fathers. A survey was conducted to get information and to document the ethnomedicine which the Santals called ran.

Keywords:    Santals, Santali, ran, Santali

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