ISSN: 2393-9508
e-ISSN: 2582-4902

The Biobrio 10(3 & 4), 2023

Arsenic in Plants: A synopsis of its Acquisition, Transport, Metabolism, Impact, and Detoxification

Saumya Srivastava, Prasanjit Mukherjee & Prahlad Kumar Arya


Arsenic (As) is a ubiquitous element that ranks 20th in abundance in the earth's crust, 14th in seawater, and 12th in the human body. For centuries, this element has been at the heart of heated debates and controversies that have shaped human history. Its discovery by Albertus Magnus in 1250 A.D. marked a turning point in our understanding of the world and sparked a fascination that endures to this day. Arsenic, a notorious poison, that elicits a fearful response in most people, is now recognized to be one of the world's greatest environmental hazards, threatening the lives of several hundred million people. This article provides a brief overview of how plants acquire, transport, metabolize, and detoxify arsenic. It also explores the impact of arsenic on plants and their environment.


Arsenic; metabolism; oxidation states; toxicity

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