ISSN: 2393-9508
e-ISSN: 2582-4902

The Biobrio 8(3 & 4), 2021

Study on the infestation of endoparasites in Channa gachua from wetlands of River Kosi

Amrita Kumari & Kumar Ramashankar


Parasites infestation is found in abundance in freshwater food fishes. The present study explores endoparasites infestations in fresh water food fish Channa gachua and the changes and damages caused due to them. The parasites association may vary in Channa gachua due to excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides in cultivated lands near and around wetlands of Kosi division of Madhepura region. Three different genera were abundantly found during the investigation of the parasites of fishes. One of them was Acanthocephala and the rest two were cestodes. Genarchopsis sp. belongs to Acanthocephala whereas Lytocestus sp. and Gangesia sp. belongs to cestode. Their prevalence was different in different seasons. The study was carried out during November 2020 to October 2021 but due to covid-19 pandemic it is hard to collect the specimens. The highest prevalence of these parasites was found during the summer season and the lowest in monsoon season whereas in the monsoon season it is found to be moderate. Due to the prevalence the growth of the fishes was hampered. Parasites infestation clearly effects the production of fishes. An attempt has been made to describe the parasites of Channa gachua to improve their production.


Endoparasites, Channa gachua, Acanthocephala, Cestodes, Infestation

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