ISSN: 2393-9508
e-ISSN: 2582-4902

The Biobrio 9(3 & 4), 2022

Screening of Phosphate solubilizing bacteria from rhizosphere of Maize plant

Navodita Kumari & Arun Kumar


Some soil bacteria like Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Pseudomonas are capable of solubilizing phosphorus. Plant cannot uptake insoluble phosphate. They require inorganic phosphate in soluble form. Solubilization of phosphorus is the basic need for plant growth. In the present study, phosphorus solubilizing efficiency and phosphorus solubilization index of an isolate of soil bacteria was estimated. The isolate was isolated from rhizosphere of Maize plant from a local agriculture field. Morphological, Gram staining, Biochemical and Sugar fermentation study of isolate was performed. The isolate was oval shaped forming circular pigmented colony on Ashby's medium. It was Gram negative. Catalase, Oxidase, VP and NR positive, Indole and MR negative. Sugar fermentation tests revealed that the isolate was Glucose, Mannitol and Arabinose positive, Fructose, Sucrose and Raffinose negative. The phosphorus solubilizing efficiency observed as 11.33 and the solubilizing index was 4.58.


Solubilizing efficiency, Solubilization index, Biochemical test, Gram staining

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