ISSN: 2393-9508
e-ISSN: 2582-4902

The Biobrio 9(3 & 4), 2022

Variation in plankton in relation to physicochemical parameters of water of Hasanpur Barahi Chaur

Saurav Kumar & Arun Kumar


A study was conducted on plankton dynamics of from the Hasanpur Barahi chaur of Madhepura, Bihar from the period of August 2019 to July 2020. Total ten sampling stations were chosen based on water characteristics. Overall water quality parameters (Temperature, DO, CO2, TH, TA, Nitrate, Phosphate and pH) were found in the limits suggested for aquaculture practices except few station like STN 1, 4, and 5 shown poor water quality, this may be due to domestic sewage and organic matter load released from local communities. Fifty genera of phytoplankton were identified, of which 24 genera of Chlorophyceae, 12 Bacillariophyceae, 11 Cyanophyceae, 2 Euglenophyceae and 1 of Dinophyceae. The phytoplankton abundance shows sharp increase from January to April (pre-monsoon) with Chlorophyceae as the most dominant group. All group of zooplankton showed very low abundance during monsoon, however, there was an increase in abundance during pre-monsoon, and highest abundance value was recorded during post-monsoon months. The findings of this study will serve as a baseline data for further investigations, comparing the future changes in this chaur and to conserve this ecosystem.


Ecosystem, Physicochemical parameters, Primary productivity, Hasanpur, Barahi chaur

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