ISSN: 2393-9508
e-ISSN: 2582-4902

The Biobrio 10(1 & 2), 2023

Antimicrobial activity of some cyanobacteria collected from local chours of Madhepura district, Bihar

Rupak Kumari


Members of Cyanobacteria produces several bioactive compounds, some of which have antimicrobial properties. In the present study, antimicrobial properties of three local isolates- Oscillatoria limosa, Anabaena macrospora and Lyngbya contorta was tested against two pathogenic bacteria- Klebsiella, Proteus and two pathogenic fungi- Alternaria and Fusarium. It was observed that extract of Oscillatoria and Lyngbya in Methanol, Ethanol and Acetone showed maximum inhibition against Proteus (40.6mm and 35.5mm respectively in Methanol extract, 36.7mm and 30.6mm in Ethanol extract and 27.5mm and 22.8mm in Acetone extract) while extracts of Anabaena showed maximum inhibition against Klebsiella.


Inhibition zone, Antimicrobial activity, Bioactive compounds.

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