ISSN: 2393-9508
e-ISSN: 2582-4902

The Biobrio 10(3 & 4), 2023

Assessment of physico-chemical parameters of wetland of Gopalganj in relation to agricultural productivity

Rajesh Kumar Sharma, A.K. Jha, Aleya Siddiquee & Md. Sarfaraz Ahmad


Bihar is home to several floodplains and small rivers. Due to recent fast population increase, agricultural effluents comprising fertilisers and pesticides as well as home and industrial waste have polluted water bodies. The temperature, pH, Electrical conductivity, Dissolved oxygen (DO), Total hardness, Alkalinity, COD, TDS, Nitrate, Sulphate, Nitrite and Phosphate were among the characteristics used to assess the quality of the sample. The temperature value after the physico-chemical test was determined to be 25°C. The measured pH value was 7.34 (site 1) 6.8 (site 2) and 6.9 (site 3). The sample’s TDS (mg/L) value was 478 (site 1), 391 (site 2) and 408 (site 3) mg/L when it was tested. The sample’s electrical conductivity was calculated, and the result was an EC (µS/cm) value of 807 (site 1), 787 (site 2) and 813 (site 3). A test for total hardness was run, and the result showed that the sample’s total hardness value was 597 (site 1), 408 (site 2) and 503(site 3) mg/L. A measurement of the sample’s chloride concentration yielded a result of 90(site 1), 87(site 2) and 74 (site 3) mg/L. The sample’s alkalinity was measured using an alkalinity test, and the result was 287 (site 1), 263 (site 2) and 275 (site 3) mg/L. The amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) was calculated to be 4.2 mg/L. The sample underwent a COD test, and the result showed that the COD level was 110 (site 1), 97 (site 2) and 105 (site 3) mg/ L. Nitrate ion concentration was tested, and the result was 0.53 (site 1), 0.63 (site 2) and 0.59 (site 3) mg/L. The amount of phosphate ion concentration was calculated to be 1.13 (site 1), 1.11 (site 2) and 1.07 (site 3) mg/L. The amount of Sulphate ion in the sample was calculated to be 1.54 (site 1), 1.33 (site 2) and 1.41 (site 3) mg/L. Nitrite ion concentration was tested, and the result was 0.78 (site 1), 0.64 (site 2) and 0.71 (site 3) mg/L.


Wetland, Physico-chemical, Alkalinity, Agricultural production, COD.

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