ISSN: 2393-9508
e-ISSN: 2582-4902

The Biobrio 10(2 & 3), 2023

Cataloguing Pteridophytes in Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat: An Inaugural Checklist

Shivani V. Vadhiya & Rajesh Raviya


Pteridophytes, a group of vascular cryptogams, once reigned supreme on Earth 250 million years ago, ranking as the second most dominant plant category. The primary focus of this study was the pteridophyte population within Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary. A comprehensive study identified a total of 18 pteridophyte species belonging to eight genera and five families in this region. Among these families, Pteridaceae exhibited the highest species richness and contained four genera and seven species, while Ophioglossaceae contained one genus and five species, While Athyriaceae contained one genus and two species. The remaining families, Selaginellaceae, Marsileaceae, and Hypodematiaceae, each contributed a single genus and a solitary species to the sanctuary's pteridophyte diversity. Remarkably, this study marks the first checklist documenting the pteridophyte diversity in Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Notably, the findings suggest a relatively limited pteridophytic flora in the Girnar region and the need for more extensive research efforts to unveil a broader spectrum of pteridophyte species beyond the currently identified eighteen species.


Pteridophyte, Population, Richness, Diversity, Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary

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