ISSN: 2393-9508
e-ISSN: 2582-4902

The Biobrio 10(3 & 4), 2023

A preliminary ethnobotanical investigation of Gumla district, Jharkhand, India 

Ahmad Belal Anwar & Prasanjit Mukherjee


A survey was conducted in the district of Gumla from February 2023 to 2024 to know about the plants used by the aboriginals and ethnic community to cure various ailments. The present investigation reveals the presence of 142 species of plants species which is being used by the local ethnic community to cure the various ailments. In the present communication, the list of all 142 plant species along with their botanical name, family local name and their uses is discussed in brief. 


ailments, aboriginals, ethnic community, emporia

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