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The Biobrio 5(3 & 4), 2018

Study of Some Plants Used as Wound Healers of District Gopalganj

Ashok Kumar Ram and Md. Sarfaraz Ahmad


Wound is a very common problem among the people. It is a complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli such as pathogens, damaged cells and irritants. There are a number of dicot plants that showed wound healing properties and are used by folklore traditions in district Gopalganj for the treatment of wounds, cuts and damaged tissues. During entire work about 20 plants are routinely practiced by rural people of the proposed district of Bihar for screening purpose with special reference to wound healing activity. The methods of preparation fall into four categories viz., plant parts applied as paste, juice extracted from the fresh plant parts, powder made from fresh or dried plant parts, some fresh plant parts and decoction. Local traditional healers are commonly using these plants to treat wounds and related diseases, preferably related to their availability very easily.

Keywords:    Plants, Wounds, Gopalganj

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