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The Biobrio 5(3 & 4), 2018

Spatial Distribution of Buchanania Cochinchinensis in Jharkhand

ShambhuNath Mishra and Sharad Tiwari


The Buchanania cochinchinensis (Lour.)M.R. Almeida is a common small size tree of family Anacardiaceae generally attaining a height up to 18m and girth up to 1.5m with a straight, cylindrical trunk. The current paper deals about the Geo-referenced primary data along with place, district, number of occurrence, height, and girth for 324 presence points of Buchanania cochinchinensis . A total of 324 points of occurrence were recorded by knowledge based random selection methods. Acacia catechu, Adina cardifolia, Aegle marmelos, Anolgeissuslatifolia, B. ceiba, B. monosperma, B. serrata, B. serrata, C. fistula, Chloroxylonswietenia, D. melanoxylon, Derris indica, Holarrhenaantidysentrica, L. parviflora, Leucaenaleucocephala, S. robusta, Schleicheratrijuga, T. tomentosa, Z. jujuba, Z. mauritiana and many more species were found as an associates of Buchanania cochinchinensis during survey in Jharkhand.

Keywords:    Buchanania cochinchinensis, Jharkhand, Spatial distribution, overexploitation

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